Sharon Hampson’s Musical Roots: Historic Camp Naivelt

Sharon and Bram Headline 2016 Gil’s Hootenanny

It’s not often that a summer camp is recognized for its cultural and heritage value, but such is the case for Camp Naivelt, which was given a heritage designation in 2010 by Brampton (Ontario) City Council under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The list of alumni from, and visitors to, the camp is impressive, and includes a number of influential Canadian singer-songwriters and musical impresarios. In fact, a July 1960 CBC recording from a summer concert at Camp Naivelt features a young Sharon Trostin (later Hampson) as well as a teenage Zal Yanovsky. As the Brampton Heritage Board noted, “Camp Naivelt’s most significant historical value is its rich and direct associations with Canada’s musical and artistic heritage.”

In reflecting on Camp Naivelt and its influence on her musical career, Sharon says: “At Naivelt, I learned that singing brings people together in a way that I can only describe as sublime. The Camp also inspired me to create music that appealed to people of all ages.”

The Brampton Heritage Board’s report citing the reasons for Camp Naivelt’s heritage designation can be found here.