Moonfruits | Singing and Social Activism

When asked to pinpoint performances that left a lasting impression on them, Moonfruits – Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Milliare – have a myriad of meaningful personal and professional experiences to draw upon. From singing and playing banjo during a protest in -20 degree weather, to a show with The Peptides that culminated in an 11-person finale of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”, Moonfruits bring their dedication to social justice to each of their performances.

Moonfruits point to Ochfest 2015 in a packed house at the Gladstone, with Sonny Ochs in attendance, as another definite highlight. As Kaitlin explains, “In an effort to have the 40 or so artists all perform different Ochs tunes, we learned Flower Lady a day before the performance. We nearly never perform with lyrics, but this time, with seven fresh verses ahead of us and Sonny Ochs in attendance, we decided it might be a good idea. Well, wouldn’t you know it that between verses I looked up at one of the stage lights and low and behold, our lyrics disappeared in one big-blue dot. Let’s just say there were a few more laps around the chords before I got my vision back!”

Moonfruits’ commitment to “caring for the earth and one another” is deeply rooted in their music and their lives. In 2016, Kaitlin was Co-VP of her unit at CUPE 4600 and both are current Members at Large of the Ottawa-Centre NDP Riding Association. They are also co-founders of Leap Ottawa Saute, active members of the $15 & Fairness movement and perform for events such as the OC Refugee Fundraiser, COMPASS’ Celebration of Self-Directed Learning, A Night of Music in Support of OCTEVAW, the May Day Party & Fundraiser with Solidarity Against Austerity, and the Save the Prince of Wales Bridge Love-In. They have also raised money for different causes at a series hosted in their home called Show of Solidarity.

Kaitlin and Alex were also important members of the Ottawa-based “Harperman” performances on Parliament Hill with Tony Turner and were part of the All-Out Day of Action on Parliament Hill with the Canadian Federation of Students. As Alex says: “Playing on the Hill is always empowering.”